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Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Review

With the stand-up paddle board market rapidly expanding, it can be a minefield in finding the right board for you.  Look no further! The Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ stand-up paddle board is the perfect board for all occasions, whether your exploring a river or entertaining the family on a lake the ride 10’6″ will do it all!

Having only recently been introduced to the world of inflatable SUPs, I was amazed by how stable and versatile this board really is. The way Red Paddle Co have designed this board with it monocoque structural laminate (MSL) is truly revolutionary. This way of manufacturing a board means that between the layers of material they have fused a second layer and added in drop stitches, which bind the top and bottom of the board together, to add rigidity and strength. It also allows the board to be 2Kgs lighter due to there not being as much glue between the layers or material. The 10’6″ has also been designed with iFin technology which means that the three fins are mounted to the board area as a permanent fixture;  meaning no tools, no replacement, and most importantly not missing out on that sunset paddle!

Having ridden the board in all conditions I find that the 10”6″ moves smoothly through the water, due to its sleek design and rounded edges. It is extremely easy to manoeuvre making it perfect for someone who is either new to paddle boarding or someone who is looking for more of a cruiser board.  Due to its width it gives the rider that little bit more confidence and stability. And with it’s thermo sealed crocodile deck pad it provides improved grip.

Red Paddle Co also provide a coiled leash with the 10’6″.  I prefer the coiled leash as it doesn’t drag behind you as you paddle, reducing the potential for the leash to get caught up. 

The board can easily be deployed whenever, wherever and can be completely deflated, rolled up and put in a backpack! 

When you purchase a Red Paddle Co board they provide you with a Titan pump which has a dual chamber system which allows you to inflate the board in under 5 minutes!

Don’t believe us? Come and try one out at our Watersports Centre; we will have you from pack to paddling in 5 minutes!!

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Stand Up Paddleboarding – the must try sport for 2017

Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP as it’s commonly known) has quickly grown to become one of the most popular watersports on Earth. SUP has set the world alight because a whole host of different reasons. It’s incredibly inclusive – if you’re fit enough to walk up a flight of stairs you’re fit enough to paddleboard, it’s very easy to get standing and paddling away and it is fantastic exercise. SUP is not only a fantastic cardiovascular workout but it also gives more than 11 of your core muscle groups a serious workout. Not forgetting SUP Yoga! On top of all that SUP is the best way to explore new and existing areas, see wildlife and most importantly, have fun.

Stand Up Paddle Board

All you need to SUP is a board, a paddle and a leash (to keep you attached to your board in case you fall off). We recommend Red Paddle Co inflatable boards. Red Paddle Co boards are the best on the market and are incredibly stiff, durable and have the same performance as a hardboard. The liberating thing about an inflatable stand-up paddleboard is how portable it is – it can go practically everywhere with you. You don’t need a van or a roof rack to take it on a road trip, or even a large space to store it at home. Red Paddle Co inflatable boards can be rolled up to fit into their own compact bags and can be worn as a backpack or rolled along on wheels. They also come with a pump, paddle and leash as standard.

So, start SUPing this summer and get ready for every waterway to become an avenue for adventure, for escape, and for discovering areas of natural beauty that you’ve never even dreamt of. Learn that it’s possible to keep fit while having fun and sharing quality time with family and friends.

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Why SUP Yoga?

SUP yoga is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason – it’s not only great fun but a fab workout too, providing an excellent way to get your yoga fix whilst being out on the water. Here are my top reasons why I love to do my yoga practice on my SUP.

One of the main things I love about doing yoga on my SUP is it’s a completely different experience to being on a mat in a studio – it really takes everything I think I know about my practice and throws it up in the air (or into the water should I say!) Playing with the instability element of the SUP means that I’ve had to learn how to work poses I practice regularly in a different way, in order to maintain balance. Holding yoga poses on the board demands a lot of core strength, and has found me working new muscles in order to keep my balance. It’s also been a great revealer of muscle imbalances I hadn’t noticed before. I realized that in downward dog I was pressing more weight through one side of my body than the other. Whilst it’s easy to ignore this on the mat, on the water press more weight through one hand than the other and the board will definitely let you know! This all means that practicing SUP yoga is a really effective way to strengthen your body in a more balanced way which in turn translates to an improved SUPing/surfing/windsurfing etc. performance too!

Because even the smallest of movements can throw my balance off, I’ve noticed that I bring a different quality of attention to my practice on the water. I need to be completely fully in the present moment if I want to stay on the board! But by the same token, falling off is pretty much inevitable and also part of the fun! It’s helped me to let go of my expectations and the need for perfectionism, and just go with the flow – a good metaphor that can be carried over to life too I guess! Ironically, I find that when I fight the movement of the board that is when I fall, whereas if I move with its natural rhythms the poses become naturally more stable, and more enjoyable too!

Finally, I love the fact that SUP yoga allows me to combine my love of being outdoors in nature with yoga. There really is nothing more relaxing than lying in savasana with the board gently rocking underneath you – on a warm sunny day it really is bliss!

So, whether you’re a paddle boarder looking to work on your flexibility and core strength, a yogi who fancies taking your practice to water, or are just looking for a different yoga experience outside of a yoga studio, SUP yoga has something for you!

Tallington Lakes Pro Shop stock Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs.


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